Sunday, February 17, 2013

Roccat Kone Pure

Roccat’s latest gaming mouse is a simplified version of its popular Kone, which forgoes a horizontal scroll wheel and removable weight system in favour of a more compact and lightweight design that emphasises simplicity.

It's still unmistakably a Roccat mouse, with integrated mood lighting and a rubberised black finish that's moulded to a right-hand grip. There's a recess for your thumb just below the two side buttons, one of which acts as an EasyShift toggle that effectively doubles the number of buttons available for setting actions and macros to using the driver software.

Roccat Kone Pure

The incredible 8,200 DPI seems like overkill for all but the fastest of twitch gamers, as we're used to playing at far lower sensitivities, but the additional buttons certainly came in handy during hectic play sessions. It's slightly smaller than other mice but was still comfortable to use for long periods, with responsive buttons and smooth movement in games.

Despite being much simpler than Roccat's previous mice, the Kone Pure is still more expensive than the Steelseries Sensei RAW Edition mouse, which is more suited for ambidextrous gamers.

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