Sunday, February 17, 2013

In Win GreenMe 750W

Our Rating 4 stars out of 5

Most PSUs rated at 750W tend to cost over £100 and are generally quite large. The In Win GreenMe 750W bucks both of these trends: it costs just £60 and is only 140mm deep. That's a pretty impressive starting point.

It's immediately clear that to get this incredibly price, In Win has had to reduce the number of features compared to other PSUs. For starters, the PSU uses captive cables, so your case will be cluttered with connectors that you're not using. Not that there are many cables, with just three Molex, six SATA and two 6+2-pin PCI Express. To be fair that range of connectors will suit most PCs with a single high-end graphics card.

In Win GreenMe 750W

Sound was another problem. We found the 120mm fan to be very loud and with some coil noise, too, it's fair to say that this supply was rather intrusive.

Fortunately, performance was rather good in our tests. The GreenMe 750W passed all of our stability tests and showed itself to be very efficient. With efficiency of 85.43 per cent at 100 per cent load, 88.36 per cent at 50 per cent load and 86.87 per cent at 20 per cent load, this PSU is far above the 80 Plus Bronze standard and close to the 80 Plus Silver standard.

In Win GreenMe 750W

It might be cheap, but this PSU comes close to the 80 Plus Silver standard

It's all a matter of what you want. If a stable and efficient 750W PSU at a low price is the most important thing and you can live with the few cables, the In Win GreenMe 750W is an excellent buy. However, if you want more flexibility and a quieter PSU, the XFX Pro 850W XXX Edition is the better buy.

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