Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cygnett Enigma iPad Mini Case

Cygnett's Enigma iPad Mini case protects the front and back of Apple's tiny tablet with its moulded plastic rear and flip-over front cover. It mimics the folded design Apple uses for its official Smart Covers, but adds some extra folds to let you stand the tablet in either horizontal or vertical positions.

Cygnett Enigma iPad Mini Case

The rear casing grips the tablet firmly and has a slightly rubberised finish for better grip. It doesn't add significantly to the bulk of the tablet, so it's still perfectly suited to slipping in and out of a bag. The front cover has a felt finish to protect the screen, but it can't turn the screen on and off when you open it.

Cygnett Enigma iPad Mini Case

Available in a range of colours, including baby blue, hot pink and a more reserved black, the Enigma is reasonably priced. It's more expensive than more basic covers, but it's still cheaper than Apple's official cover and provides rear protection too.

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